The level of economic ignorance displayed by people who consider themselves 'business travellers' is astounding. I am not interested to buy Qantas ticket and fly Emirates – if I like Emirates, I can buy directly from them and it is usually even cheaper. The Australia-Canada air services agreement only allows for 2 ports in each country. My Photoshop skillz would be limited to drawing a red dot on a white background! Secondly, as busines travellers, you should know that frequency is important. "Because the 787 is smaller than the jumbos it will gradually replace, it gives us the flexibility of having more aircraft without significantly changing our overall capacity,” he explains. All other international routes, other then LHR, uses 2 aircraft per route for daily frequency. but pleanty of alternates..... (SIN, KL, Denpasar?, etc). If you don't like EK, and don't want to back track to SYD/MEL for the QF LHR flights, then get QR, CX or MH (for oneworld) or one of the other E/SE Asian airlines. All PR. So in the end it could be 2-3 B747 get replaced by the 787-9s through increased A330 international flying. There are definitely less alternative airports on MEL-LAX route. Isn't SYD to JNB ETOPS restricted? Unless QF orders more than 8 787s there won't be many new routes. any new routes as joyce says will be subject to the network and market forces at the time. The SYD-JNB/SCL routes require ETOPS 330. The service and food on our flight this week on Emirates Dubai-Perth would rate as very close to economy. Migrate the 744 pilots used to the 1930's middle stick to the 789, and then keep the Airbus pilots used to their playstation controls on the A359LR. Then, flights from Europe tracking back to Perth stop in … Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Log in below. below, then click 'Submit'. Currently aircraft sits at LAX for around 17.5 hours. Costs there would be much lower than LAX & it still has many flights eastbound without need to change airports in LA. I'd think they would start with SYD-HKG. As borders come down, where can you travel across Australia? Maintenance stops of 5 days or greater and all maintenance stops at outside bases since 2012. The Qantas website has the … Suggest Qantas may pull out of MNL all together. For full details. How about Hobart - Darwin -Dubai  and Adelaide  to Dubai connecting to Europe flights. “It’s got better range, can operate to routes the 747 can’t with full payload, it is a fantastic replacement aircraft with less risk associated with trying to fill up a smaller aircraft,” Joyce said. Gradually they will add more B789s to the fleet, but the main priority of the 8 B789 orders is to replace the unrefitted B744s, so they will be used for those routes only. Read more: Qantas reveals Boeing 787 config. Australia’s flag carrier Qantas is to open routes from Brisbane to Chicago and San Francisco before the end of April 2020. Qantas Fleet Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Details and Pictures.On current fleet, Qantas operates 8 brand new wide-body long-haul aircraft Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. Subscribe to our free newsletter and get the latest news, reviews, tips and more sent straight to your inbox. seems pretty likely that these birds will go straight onto the routes of the aircraft they replace (namely the 747s) as opposed to immediately opening up new routes. Do Perth! but haven't typed it in.....unless that could be Doha? It goes against the whole strategy of using Dubai. Qantas can't compete with Cebu Pacific, who are now the dominant carrier. European routes tend to use 3 aircraft per route. We’ll send you an email to re-activate your account and enter a new password. The 789 might have the legs, but does it have sufficient ETOPS? It also has a red spot on Addis Ababa.. can't see the QF demand for there either.I'd suggest the Qantas graphic is purely for example of range! Noel. Also playing into the Boeing 787s’ efficiencies – including reduced fuel burn and lower maintenance costs – are “routes that are less frequent which we want to get to daily,” Joyce says. Darwin to Japan or Hong Kong perhaps. These flights, operated by 787 … If Avalon is unavailable I believe Canberra can now accept 747s and then there is of course Sydney.For BNE, I don't know if Archerfield is an alternate but Sydney is only 800Km away and is the obvious alternate.Serveral airports around LAX can accept large planes.An A380 had to land at Ontario airport recently: report shows the sort of thinking that goes into alternates: MIAMI — Qantas’ first Boeing 787-9 route will be a non-stop flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles, set to start in December next year, subject to final government and regulatory approval. Privacy, cookie and GDPR policies. HND uses 2 due to the aircraft sitting at HND all day. The 787 has the needed type certification from FAA and EASA. Announcing Qantas’ Boeing 787 order, Joyce was quick to call out “long-range routes that we don’t fly today” as a prime example of Dreamliner flights. I'm assuming you are taking some of the michael in suggesting international flights orginate in Hobart? Why.. Routes flown by the QANTAS Boeing 787-9 fleet in the past 30 days including diverted, maintenance, positioning and charter flights. Also Qantas could do, BNE/YVR & MEL/YVR nonstop to compete with AC. Already have an ET account? If you have a correction or addition, please e-mail me! Announcing Qantas’ Boeing 787 order, Joyce was quick to call out “long-range routes that we don’t fly today” as a prime example of Dreamliner flights. Did I mention that most of those airlines offer excellent premium cabins and have a lower cost base? Is Qantas really going to compete with that? The smaller airports could  really boom froim this. (Melbourne-Los … QF's A330-300s have about the same number of Y seats as the 747s, so the big difference is about half the J seats and no PE. Hey one thing I've noticed on the shareholders supplementary slides it says that 1 B747 will be retired this year. Sydney-Johannesburg (14hrs) has to be a candidate for upgraded equipment. I believe it has sufficient ETOPS, but hte problem is that CASA hasn't approved AU carriers for more than 180 ETOPS, But Qantas has two years to work on this issue before the 789 arrives. True, although it isn't always obvious.It blew my mind when I saw that Sydney was further from Singapore than Melbourne and it was faster to fly to Melbourne than Sydney from Hong Kong.Amazing world sometimes. Little old Perth has no hope of offering anything extra. David Flynn is the Editor-in-Chief of Executive Traveller and a bit of a travel tragic with a weakness for good coffee, shopping and lychee martinis. Qantas Boeing 787 Dreamliner routes The airline is capitalising on Perth as a hub between the East Coast of Australia and Europe. Just travelled to Europe and return on a QF business ticket but Perth-Dubai has to be on Emirates and the Emirates A380 business just doesn't stack up against Qantas. Also PE on asian/Hawaii routes is imporant (for me! The first tranche of Dreamliners will replace five Boeing 747s, although this doesn’t mean they will all slot straight into the jumbo’s footprints. If you’ve forgotten your password, simply enter your email address I don't think so. Qantas has received its first Boeing 787 Dreamliner plane, the cutting-edge aircraft it will use next year to start flying the world's first non-stop route between Australia and London. Difference between 8 & 9 across is a maximum of 1.9 inches or 4.8cm in seat width, altho b careful, as not all measurments are the same, eg. Or it could go to double daily as AJ said he was looking to deploy more Capacity in Asia specifically looking at Hong Kond with more A330s flying. Once the first eight Dreamliners have been delivered, Qantas will have three more than the five jumbo jets being put out to pasture. interact with our community. Apart from the Japanese (and ANA is now going 9-across), no other airline (including Etihad, British Airways, United) have put 8-across in. Didn’t receive an activation email? Or even MEL-DXB? Firstl, the flight, even with a 787-9 is not as efficient as a single stop becuase of the additional fuel required to carry the addional fuel. ... Because BNE-LAX-BNE also requires 2 aircraft to run daily. There is a recession coming plus a whole stack more Asian airline competition. & what about armrest width ? PE could be 8 across 2-4-2 & Y could be 2-4-3. With the A380s grounded, the airline's Kangaroo Route from Sydney to London via Singapore will now be handed over to a Boeing 787. Maintenance stops of 5 days or greater and all maintenance stops at outside bases. They may get around to restructing thier Board or even changing the CEO. It's completely free and we'll never pass your information on to QANTAS Boeing 787-9 Routes. It cost 55,000 Alaska miles, which I considered to be a fair price for a product as good as QANTAS … Find out more about the Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Watch a time-lapse video of the Dreamliner being assembled at the Boeing factory in Seattle Opens external site in a new window Seat maps I agree, they will need to keep both.Perth to Europe can be done, but only just. Posted 8 August 2017 12:31. Alternatives matter towards to the end of the journey when you're low on fuel.If the destination airport is shrouded in fog you then need to go to your alternate.In the MEL - LAX case there are plenty, but when it comes to PER there aren't too many airports with in a 500Km radius that can accept a plane the size of a 787 or 777. The CBR runways were upgraded to handle 747s when Clinton visited with Air Force 1. “Markets like Melbourne to Dallas open up as an … Just NOT going to happen - not going to put themselves in a position where Y fares are another 20% more than the competition. And if you want to hop on a Dreamliner, there are more than 50 routes flying … When will Qantas reopen its international lounges? Virgin Australia, Air Canada frequent flyer partnership, Singapore Airlines: new KrisFlyer 2022-2023 status extension, Apple's own cellular modem could finally launch 5G MacBooks, Apple's new $900 AirPods Max noise-cancelling headphones, Apple's next Mac M2 laptop chips could out-muscle Intel, The Executive Traveller 2020 Christmas Gift Guide, Australian approval of Pfizer vaccine expected in January. All 787-8 unless stated. This could help boost some services which operate only a handful of days every week to the daily schedule which business travellers value. Rather than going domestic to Perth and transitting, couldn't flights originate as international on the east coast and stopover in Perth on the way to Europe? With hub in Perth, smaller aircrafts and more Europe destinations Qantas may became company that really fly Europe. Yet there are serious talks about additional QF flights to DXB which will then fly onto destinations possibly in Germany as EK are now capped at the number of flights into and out of that country.... essentially the QF flights from DXB to the cities in Germany would become defacto EK routes, but equally being run at a profit? CX have 4 x SYD/HKG daily. Joyce added that “a seamless domestic to International transfer was essential for the hub operation and that will become a reality early in the next decade when Qantas’s domestic operations move to the international side of the airport” reports The West Australian. + don't have to go daily on a thin route. maybe now Ontario airport around 46 miles east of LAX is not owned by LAX, the likes of Jetstar should look at flying there ? the big recession, we have to have. Qantas should also order at least 10 787-10s in either a 42 business, 56 Premium Economy and 214-223 economy for a total of 312 or a layout of 30 Business, 56 premium, 238 economy for a … The new services will be operated by Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner … Qantas says 87% of flyers willing to take COVID vaccine if required, Hilton Honors 2021 status match unlocks fast-track to Gold, Diamond, How to get a free upgrade to Emirates premium economy, Virgin Australia reopens Perth, Gold Coast lounges, 5 reasons you shouldn't bin your boarding passes, What to do when an airline cancels your flight, New ways for airlines to win your business. I think flying out of Perth is a really good idea. I really think Perth as a hub for Europe is a furphy. I think you'll find that's actually a Qantas graphic. The ports QF would want to go to west of Germany would require a stop somewhere. Follow Australian Business Traveller on Twitter: we're @AusBT. No one wants to transit Sydney. I definitely will look forward to resume using QF to fly Europe because since they stop use Singapore I flying with someone else via Asia. The 787-9 will replace the A380 on most of the regular Qantas A380 routes. Since the 8 newer A332s will be part time international it should help to achieve this. Also flying from Perth means two hops to major European cities for all Australians and for lucky inhabitant of Perth even one by Qantas instead of catching someone else – now only Melbournians and Sydneysiders have such luxury. So maybe some of the 787 flights will orginate BNE, MEL & even CBR. Its hard to take this too seriously. Instead, Joyce sees the Boeing 787 as filling a gap on “routes that have low levels of traffic volumes that didn’t justify a 747.”. You’ll find the 787-9’s premium economy seats (Qantas’ best) on these routes: Los Angeles (LAX) – Brisbane (BNE) Los Angeles (LAX) – Melbourne (MEL) on QF 96 San Francisco (SFO) – Melbourne … “The actual network the aircraft will end up operating will depend on what we think the market considerations will be at the time.”. Thanks to its lighter, … Qantas 787-9 Routes: Melbourne (MEL) - (LAX) Los Angeles (15 December 2017) Perth (PER) - (LHR) London (March 2018) Qantas 787-9 Details: Fleet Size: 0 QF used to stopover in Bombay on the way to London from Melbourne/Sydney years ago (might even have been QF9) that would fill 2 markets. Qantas could perhaps do a BNE-LAX-JFK route to replace B744s as their inauguration of the B789 jet. Last Update: 27 November 2020 ** With the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, many routes … The 236-seat airliner will serve the route six times a week, replacing the Boeing 747-400 service, which currently fly twice a week, thus complementing the daily A380 flight on the route. A hub from the eastern states into Africa and maybe India, yes. If QF pulls the 747 from Japan and replaces it with an aircraft without PE, I'll book with another carrier. Anyway, if you want the chance to try Qantas’ new business class without having to even leave Australia, @airlineroute notes that Qantas has scheduled some domestic 787 flights (within Australia) for before the plane flies internationally.It’s normal for airlines to run domestic routes … Deal with it!! This trip down to Sydney (via Melbourne) was an award ticket obtained through the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan. Doesn't that mean the 787-9s will replace 4 B747s. Find out what makes the Qantas Dreamliner 787-9 the most advanced long-haul aircraft of its type anywhere in the world, flying non-stop from Perth to London. It said that on the image when it was released by QF during the FY15 results. so Melbourne/Brisbane - DFW is great. And I guess if they can replace the 747s with A333/A332s on the SYD-HKG and SYD-HND could that replace another 2-3 B747s. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Find all Qantas flights, destinations, routes and airports on this interactive airline map. The 787-9s can't do the western parts of Europe from Perth. It is far from value for money. For MEL, we know that Avalon can accept large planes because after all, it has been the 747 service centre for the past 30 years or so. A 7.50 min flight to manila. Come on, Qantas! The Qantas Dreamliner is an exciting new addition to the Qantas fleet. This is the second Qantas mainline route to feature Boeing 's (NYSE:BA) revolutionary jet. Executive Traveller is published by Business Travel Media Pty Ltd, a corporate authorised credit representative (#515763) of MGS FINANCIAL PTY LIMITED (#337568). 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In order to get a 3rd port, or more then 3000 seats/week for each side, the agreement needs to change. QANTAS Boeing 787-9 Fleet … It appears that the bottom of the image where that statement was has been cropped on the version here. Hobart is served well enough from Melbourne. Comments have been made elsewhere about the lack of alternate airports for flights from Europe to Perth, therefore increasing the range requirement. Joyce added that “a seamless domestic to International transfer was essential for the hub operation and that will become a reality early in the next decade when Qantas’s domestic operations move to the international side of the airport” reports. IMHO Perth as transit point to Europe makes perfect sense, especially considering new business class on trans-continental flights. Firstly, I want to commend you on this fantastic website. The current destinations that make the most sense to me are daily Santiago, Johannesburg, San Francisco and maybe Vancouver. Eight of the next-generation jets will initially join Qantas’ international fleet, with four to be delivered in the 2017-2018 financial year and four more in the successive 12 months. Photo: James D Morgan / Qantas Qantas runs some Dreamliner repositioning flights out of Darwin. Qantas' first regular 787 services are a year away, but the airline is already announcing the initial routes so it can increase its proposition in deeply significant markets (and also begin preparations while avoiding possible media leaks). IMHO it does not make much sense to keep both. The arrival of the 787-9s should coincide only around 18 months before the new airport link should open, allowing the seamless connectivity between the domestic and international terminals. Additionally, Perth has more than 10 airlines which offer 1 stop services to most major European cities. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Read more: Qantas to buy Boeing 787, first flights from 2017. Hi Guest, join in the discussion on Qantas Boeing 787-9 routes: Where will Qantas fly its new Dreamliners? This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. r u looking at seat width at bum or shoulder ? Do Perth instead of Dubai! QF needs to get beyond ETOPS 180 certification from CASA and CASA may also need to approve the 787 type as the US and Europe did. This website uses cookies to enable certain functions. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce said direct flights from the east coast of Australia to London and New York represented the "final frontier in aviation". He also played up Perth as a launching pad for non-stop flights into Europe, with the added irony that the WA capital – which many feel Qantas has abandoned in recent years – could become a hub to which passengers would fly from the eastern states. MEL/DFW makes sense as most people heading for USA east coast, would love to avoid LAX. These cookies do not store any personal information. That plan sounds good to save changing DOM (T3/T4)  to INT (T1) terminals on opposite sides of the airport via bus service. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. "I'd suggest the Qantas graphic is purely for example of range! third Going through Sydney takes 13 hrs. Nobody has mentioned flights out of ADELAIDE, DARWIN and HOBART to Asian destinations, New Zealand and America. How about LAX-BNE? For BNE, couldn't OOL or CNS be used as alternates instead of heading to SYD? Routesonline provides an update on the operations of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, looking at the top airlines and routes by capacity, as well as the... Read more. Get used to Qants being a regional airline that just about manages to fly to the capital of the old colonial master! 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Suggest, some of the now daily BNE/LAX flights will become 787's, as we head into the next recession. The well-flagged Perth-London nonstop service was announced first, but the first route … I've flown from Cairns to Hong Kong on Cathay on a 747 before and that was almost 20 years ago.I don't know about OOL but maybe it can.Cairns is further away than SYD so that is why SYD would be preferable than CRN. Flight status, tracking, and historical data for Qantas 787 (QF787/QFA787) including scheduled, estimated, and actual departure and arrival times. Beginning July 1, 2021, Qantas plans to fly daily to London Heathrow from Sydney. Some routes that I'm dreaming for would be Sydney - Buenos Aires / Rio de Janiero (you need another South America destination), Melbourne - Dallas, Sydney - Mexico City (i hear many QANTAS travellers like going to Mexico), Brisbane - Dubai (better for brisbane customers) and to please the West Australians make a Perth - London service. Nine abreast seating is just NOT ON for Long Haul Flights  on B787 A/C. These flights are repositioning flights back to Sydney after Qantas operates another round of repatriation flights into Darwin. Qantas to Operate 787 Dreamliner Between Sydney and Santiago Qantas has announced that its service between Sydney and Santiago is the next route to be upgraded to a Boeing 787-9 … We were lucky enough to be on QF10 London to Dubai and this was absolutelty much superior to Emirates. BNE-LAX-JFK requires 2. why would BNE/LAX/JFK require anymore aircraft than BNE/LAX/BNE now ? Flights operated by QANTAS Boeing 787-9 aircraft in the past 30 days including maintenance, positioning, delivery and diverted flights. Boeing 787 Dreamliner - Q3 update. The 747 Business service is just not at world standards. This is the whole point that I like to make – with hub in Dubai Qantas offers NOTHING, just service to Emirates as travel agent and ticket reseller.

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