How can I also show the Apple Automator services in the Firefox Context Menu? On the left menu, select Services. Is it possible to change the context menu (right click mouse button) in Word 2016? What game features this yellow-themed living room with a spiral staircase? How can I make my Windows keyboard shortcuts work on a Mac, exactly how they do on Windows? Firefox - use right-click then `b` to go back (or rebinding context menu shortcut keys) 2. For example, people can use the Action pop-up menu in the Finder toolbar to access the same commands found in a selected item’s contextual menu. Open the System Preferences application from the Apple menu. This does not constitute a good answer. Use an Action pop-up button to elevate contextual menu functionality. Use the methods of this protocol to manage the following features: Create and manage custom header and footer views. It would be great if we could map actions to the Control, Option or Command (Apple key) by using ,